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Snug Attack

Snug Attack 2




Tracy Hiner of Black Crow Studios came up with these clever ideas for our Snug ICFF Booth.

Edgy + Fierce

We heart her style!

See how the process came about here and play the guessing game with us!


Thank You JLW!

While googling Snug Furniture at the Social Media Marketing Seminar

for the Home Furnishings Industry yesterday,

we chanced upon the lovely feature by

Jessica Lynn White

on her fab blog.

We are beyond thrilled!

Thank.You.So.Much Jessica :-)

Here’s the Ab Fab 411 on JLW.

We just followed her on Twitter here.

Happy Easter

Robert Gober, Untitled, 2006-2007 35 x 33 3/4 x 22 1/2 "

entry to Schaulager, Basel

Robert Gober Retrospective 12 May-14 Oct 2007

outdoor slideshow

Robert Gober, Untitled 2005-2006, 28 3/4 x 21 x 29 1/2"




Thank You Decorating Diva!

We would like to thank

The Decorating Diva

for featuring Snug Furniture on

the latest

Style Maker Look Book.

Over the Tabletop

Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream

interior designer Wanda Horton

wove her magic wand

sprinkled her fairy dust

pieced all the details together

executed her vision

in elegant perfection

brought fantasy to reality

bridged environment and experience

Thank you Wanda for letting Snug Furniture be part of your creation.

*photography by Chanda Pope

*creative painting by Whitney Preslar Bayer

*floral design by David Wynn

*benefit for The Ada Jenkins Center

bLOOVEbath cocktail

Rose Water

2 cups fresh rose petals
1 1/2 cups distilled or rain water
1/2 cup vodka
2 more cups fresh rose petals

Place 2 cups of the petals in a glass container. Add water and the vodka. Cover and allow to steep in any sunny place for two to three weeks. Strain and then repeat the process adding the remaining rose petals to the strained mix. Store in a sunny place for two more weeks. Then strain and keep tightly covered in jars or bottles in any cool, dark place.

Love Elixir

3 drops each of rose, jasmine, bergamot and damiana essential oils

1/4 cup  almond oil

7 drops of rose water

7 drops of vanilla

3 drops lemon essential oil

a dash of of fine gold glitter

*use as a bath oil or fragrance

*taken from Ellen Whitehurst, queen of Shuistrology

www.lonnymag.com ad